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Grünenthal GmbH

The Grünenthal GmbH, Germany is an international operating company with its headquarters located in Aachen.

Packaging and Distribution

The site in Aachen is divided in the packaging centre with 20 packaging lines on 6,000 sqm, the distribution centre and the warehouse with dedicated areas for the storage and handling of products subject to narcotic regulations. This is Grünenthal’s Centre of Competence for Packaging and Distribution set up in 2005 in a new and modern plant.

Over 100 employees are well organised to turn bulk into finished products in accordance with the requests of Grünenthal’s partners all over the world. High flexibility and a high service level is the target to satisfy contract manufacturing clients.

The Quality Organisation

Quality Organisation offers complete and professional GMP compliance management for quality assurance, quality control (chemical, microbiological and technological activities), packaging materials development, GMP documentation and SOP management, qualification and validation, GMP training, audits and supplier qualification, annual quality review, batch release and product certification.

Grünenthal GmbH

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